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New-Age Training and Recruitment Ltd is a company that provides first class training to all candidates seeking employment. We develop the skills, knowledge and experience of all our candidates and offer a range of courses to suit many of their needs and aspirations for career development. 

Many candidates who complete courses with us are given the opportunity to represent the New-Age Group at a number of our working sites, venues and events. New-Age Training and Recruitment Ltd is a company that works alongside many employer based organisations. We focus on supporting the unemployed, full time students or people just looking to develop their career opportunities further.

If you are a business looking to employ we are a training and recruitment company who can support your business by providing you with qualified and dedicated staff for any type of organisation. All our staff are directly trained and insured by New-Age Training and Recruitment Ltd and have excellent customer service skills.

In addition to supply we can provide your existing staff with further training to gain the qualifications to improve work performance. We deliver courses and work provision at unbeatable costs and continusely seek to upskill all our staff with on-going training and support.

The New-Age Group has lots of exciting opportunities available to both businesses and the individual. Please visit both our websites and social network pages for updates on all the services we offer.

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