Welcome to New-Age

Formed in 2010, New-Age Training and Recruitment Ltd operates throughout Northamptonshire and the wider region providing trained, qualified and experienced staff for the security, events and hospitality industry.

New-Age provides first class training to all candidates seeking recruitment to the highlighted service industries. We develop the skills, knowledge and experience of all our candidates and offer a range of courses to suit the recruits needs and aspirations for career development. Many candidates who have completed courses or have been recruited has been given the opportunity to join the team and represent our growing company at a number of our working sites, venues and events.

New-Age has built a strong client base and supports many service industry employers from security companies, catering and licensed venues, charity organisations, event companies, Local Authorities and Higher Education establishments. A strong management team along with a number of experienced industry supervisors, trainers and efficient operational staff enable us to achieve our company objectives.

  • Providing a service that excels the needs of the client and their customers.
  • Continuously seeking to adapt and improve to industry requirements and expectations.
  • Building our reputation which is based on the professionalism and the integrity of all New-Age staff.
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