MLE Pyrotechnics Ltd

New-Age Training and Recruitment Ltd has been our security and event management provider for the past seven years. The requirements for New-Age are to supply us with 30 qualified stewards and licenced door supervisors to carry the following duties:

Ticket taking and cash collecting
Traffic marshalling
Crowd control and customer service
Patrols throughout the event and overnight security
Incident and emergency response
Clean up duties

During the time we have used New-Age I have been extremely pleased with the service we have been supplied with. They are well organised, onsite arrival is always punctual, fully equipped and presentable. New-Age has never failed to provide the required number of staff needed for our events and offer us consistency with staffing. This gives us the confidence that staff will carry out the duties to the standard we expect and do the job that is required.

I feel confident that under the guidance of Kevin and their team of supervisors my customers will be treated in a professional manner by all our contracted security staff.

Matthew Lawrence (CEO)

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